The firm Grando was founded in 1924 by Hubert Granderath as a joinery business. In 1954 his son Robert Granderath took over the firm and, in 1963, developed the first fully-automatic rigid-slatted swimming pool cover. With this innovation, the foundations were laid for an expanding and successful company. Since then, Grando has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pool covers.

Today, Grando guarantees swimming pool owners in more than 54 countries around the world unlimited swimming pool enjoyment – made in Germany.

Despite its international activities, Grando has remained a transparent, clearly structured enterprise. Flexible enough to respond quickly to new demands and personal enough to offer customers exactly what they expect: New ideas, reliable service and individual advice.


We use exclusively high-grade materials such as specialty plastics and stainless steel, which are very durable and long-lasting. Apart from the choice of materials, the high quality of the workmanship also plays a key role.


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Every cover is individually designed, built and archived so that specific details of the project can be easily researched even years later.

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Always clean

Clear, refreshing water is always fascinating. With a grando pool cover, you significantly reduce the amount of dirt in your pool and inhibit algae growth. Simple, clean and convenient. A Grando pool cover reduces the use of chemicals in the water. Through the lower evaporation and reduced light incidence, chlorine products, for example, are broken down more slowly.

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GRANDO POOL COVERS – Automatic rigid slatted pool cover since 1968.

  • Indoor, outdoor, Commercial and Residential Grando pool covers are the best original maker.
  • Ranked highest for child safety, no tracks fully automatic energy efficient.
  • Pools with any edge details (vanishing edge, Lautner edge, gutter system, knife edge.
  • Pools any shape, any size and any season.