The Department Of Energy made in 1998 a research and the result was as follows. There are about 3 million private pools in the US, and these pools use about $ 3.5 Billion dollars a year in heating expenses. The Grando energy saving pool covers can save you up to 80% of your heating expenses and is environmental save.

Reasons for that are the following:       

  • The slats are about 1 inch wide and an ½ inch thick
  • Water tight sealed filled with air 
  • The cover floats right on the water and that keeps the evaporation at a minimal
  • Are particularly water-repellent
  • Are resistant to UV light and all chemicals used to keep the water clean
  • Are hygienically safe (documented in an independent test report)
  • Do not have the problem that they slide around or sit up on edge as they are designed with a locking mechanism using plastic moldings and stainless steel pin.

Grando protects not only your pool, but also the environment. With a rigid-slatted pool  cover from Grando, you are making a active contribution to the environment protection and, at the same time, considerably reducing the maintenance cost of your swimming pool. The energy saving can be as much as 80%. This means pleasant water temperatures and reduced energy consumption. For owners of outdoor pools, Grando quite simply prolongs the swimming season.  

A Grando cover like this also saves energy in indoor pools, because with less evaporation, the air conditioner or dehumidifier does have to work so hard, and low room humidity in an effective protection against building damage.